Personality Consultant

I am proud to say I have over 25 years experience in supporting businesses by identifying employee needs, traits, strengths and opportunities, that have led to incredible results and happy business leaders.

My specialty is leadership development.  I recognize the importance of providing a solid foundation for all leaders, whether they are just beginning their journey, are half way through or nearing the pinnacle of their career.

I am certified in two models of human behavior. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the DISC model.  I cannot begin to express the value of this training and have seen first hand the impact this training has had in  one’s personal and professional journey!

Understanding one’s self and others is truly the foundation to becoming happier and more successful. 

If you are looking for impact for your business, let’s chat.

Personalized Coaching

I am here to motivate, inspire and support you through your journey of exploration and self discovery.

Together, with my guidance we will discover your innate traits, define your strengths and explore opportunities by creating goals to help you reach your full potential.

Essentially, I will be the bridge to help you reach the next phase of your journey.

Vintage Upcycled Design

I love everything vintage…oh those were the good ‘ole days weren’t they?! I fulfill my creative side by transforming forgotten pieces of the past into one-of-a-kind heirlooms for years to come!

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My goal is to bring a little sunshine into a person’s life – because those are the rays that light our way.


Hi! I am Sherri Wilson, also affectionally known as the sunshine girl. I proudly pride myself on my natural ability to make others appreciate who they are and help them reach their full potential. Making connections and helping others is what I do…plain and simple.

I hope we get to meet along the way…welcome to my journey!




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